jj knight fucks roman todd

Knight Riding With Roman Todd

Any body of water becomes a hot tub when Roman Todd steps in it. But when JJ Knight joins in, things start to boil.

Some would say Roman Todd continues his reign as one of the hottest men working in gay porn right now.

Some would also call Roman one of the sexiest gay porn stars ever.

And they’re both right.

This forth scene with JJ Knight from “A Night At The Entourage” brings that home.

jj knight fucks roman toddRoman Todd makes anything better just by being there. He’s usually there as a top. Today, he’s the one taking it and couldn’t look any hotter doing so. Even better, he’s not just taking any dick. It’s JJ Knight and his donkey dong. Let the fapping being.

jj knight fucks roman todd“When Roman Todd hops in the hot tub, he knows he wants some action, and he’s in luck when JJ Knight joins him for a soak. The two lock in an embrace with a kiss as JJ jacks Roman under the water.”

jj knight fucks roman toddFirst, it’s JJ who is hungry. He savors every inch of Roman’s beautiful dick before going to head to head with the business end of JJ’s fat, long throbber.

jj knight fucks roman toddJJ has Roman’s hole for dinner then it’s time for dessert. He bends Roman over and slides all the way in in one unrelenting push. Then JJ lays back and lets Roman take the wheel – and his dick.

jj knight fucks roman toddA final switch gets Roman on his back. This allows JJ the ramming room he needs and the pounding makes Roman spew all over himself. When JJ sees Roman’s cum running down his body like frosting on a cake, he pulls out and tops it off.

After all, this isn’t just “A Night At The Entourage”, it’s also “a Knight at the Entourage” and a “Roman Holiday” rolled into one.

[Watch Roman & JJ in “A Night At The Entourage” scene four at Falcon]


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