jj knight fucks skyy knox

Skyywriting With JJ Knight

Before you engage in “Head Play” with JJ Knight, be forewarned: there’s a lot to swallow. Come inside and hear what else Skyy has to say about it exclusively to us .

I said the four-way DP finale of “The Fixer” took Skyy Knox to true gay superstar status. And the way he takes JJ Knight’s dick today will keep him there.

And let’s not forget, it takes two to tango. Not that JJ Knight in action isn’t always candy for your cock, today JJ found a partner who could take everything he could dish out like few others. And no one wasted the opportunity.

” I was very excited about this scene, not only because I got to take JJ’s huge cock but also got to spend more time getting to know JJ. We had such a good shoot and I can’t wait to do another scene with him again soon. I would never say no to that BIG cock. “ ~Skyy Knox

jj knight fucks skyy knoxJJ Knight finally has the virtual reality trophy he needs to win the game when Skyy Knox comes from behind and scoops it up just he did with Ryan Rose. Knowing that he can’t win without seducing JJ, Skyy gets on his knees while JJ plots how to get Skyy’s other hole on his dick.

jj knight fucks skyy knoxSomething else we learn from Skyy Knox today: what true deep throating looks like.

jj knight fucks skyy knoxThere’s no easing his way in today. JJ Knight goes balls deep in one fast push, immediately dials it up to “relentless pummel” speed, and stays there in every position.

jj knight fucks skyy knoxWhen JJ finally gets Skyy on his back, the Skyy has reaches his limit and “drenches that 8-pack. Then JJ aims that donkey dick on a collision course with Skyy’s face and by the time he’s done, Skyy’s face is a mess and his tongue has become a sperm bank.

[Watch Skyy & JJ in “Head Play” scene three at Falcon]

Who would you rather be in this scene, JJ or Skyy?


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