jj knight and brenner bolton

JJ Knight Gives Brenner Bolton A “Make It Fit” Moment

Brenner Bolton makes it a #HotAssFriday with those perfect glutes of his. Things get even hotter when JJ Knight’s dick enters the picture and Brenner’s hole.

The rear view of Brenner Bolton is like a postcard of what an ass should be. That fat, heavy hose on JJ Knight is a visual for what a “donkey dick” actually looks like. Falcon has brought these two together for the opening scene of “Sexflix And Chill”.

It could have just as easily been called “Sex, Dicks, and Fill” as there’s a lot more of sex, dicks, and filling than chilling.

jj knight and brenner bolton
Both JJ Knight and Brenner Bolton are looking damn hot and even hotter together. The way JJ Knight fills out a pair of white briefs is another postcard of perfection. It’s not long before those briefs are off and that dick is hitting the back of Brenner’s throat.

JJ flips Brenner over, spits on that hole and starts excavating it with his tongue until it’s time for the heavy equipment.

jj knight and brenner bolton
Slick and primed, Brenner mounts himself on JJ’s cock for the “make it fit” moment.

jj knight and brenner bolton
Make it fit they do. Sitting, to bent over to doggie, JJ pummels a load right out of Brenner then spins him around and gives him a big drink right from his hose.

[Watch Brenner Bolton & JJ Knight in “Sexflix And Chill”]

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