jj knight skippy baxter falcon

JJ Knight & Skippy Baxter: What Goes Around Cums Around

A “snoball” may not stand a chance in hell but the same can’t be said for Skippy Baxter’s mouth. Or JJ Knight’s.

After seeing Falcon Studios Group exclusive Skippy Baxter’s ass inhale Rocco Steele’s cock in once steady push in his studio debut, he went right from newcomer to a champion power-bottom. Those skills, as well as the elasticity of his ass and mouth get tested again by JJ Knight’s donkey-dick.

He passes the test but he doesn’t pass on JJ’s jizz.

jj knight skippy baxter falcon
“Ultra Sex” from Falcon got started last week with Sebastian Kross using his dick to boss around Derek Bolt. Today it’s fellow Falcon Studios Group exclusive JJ Knight who is large and in charge.

jj knight skippy baxter falcon
Just like he did with Brenner Bolton last month, JJ gives Skippy a “make it fit moment” today. Skippy’s turn to give back will cum at the end.

jj knight skippy baxter falcon
The phrase “bulging out of his jockstrap” has never been had a better visual. Skippy unleashes JJ’s beast with a mix of awe of desire before doing what he does for the rest of the scene: he makes it disappear.

jj knight skippy baxter falcon
Yes please.

jj knight skippy baxter falcon
His hard cock in one hand and holding his leg up with the other, Skippy can’t get JJ inside him fast enough. Once he mounts JJ’s cock, it’s not as much riding JJ as much as using his ass to milk a load right out of JJ’s balls. As Skippy pounds out his own nut, JJ straddles Skippy’s face and blasts his load right down Skippy’s open mouth. Let the snoball fight begin.

[Watch Skippy Baxter and JJ Knight in “Ultra Sex” scene two]

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