jj knight tegan zayne hot house

JJ Knight Shows Tegan Zayne How To Close A Deal The Hard Way

Even for a cocksmith like Tegan Zayne, JJ’s girthy Knight-stick is a real jawbreaker. Will his ass ever return to normal after JJ closes this sweet deal?

In “On The Market” from Hot House, the real real estate transactions that go down have been after big dicks have come up. But with Falcon Studio Group (FSG) exclusive JJ Knight today, his enormous slab of man meat has upped the ante.

While the first, second, and third scenes have been down-to-business frenetic fucks, today is a slow burn where JJ and Tegan savor every inch and every moment of each other.

jj knight tegan zayne hot house
JJ Knight and Tegan Zayne look great together and they both are handsome as fuck in their business drag. As with the three way with Bruce Beckham and Derek Deluca last week, FSG must still has some hot Tegan scenes to release from before his departure for CockyBoys.

jj knight tegan zayne hot house
He and JJ take their time with each other. That means we get incredible, lingering close-ups of a perfect match between a big dick top and a very talented bottom. Like this view of Tegan unhinging his jaw. Careful JJ, you break it, you bought it.

jj knight tegan zayne hot house
With his dick slicked, JJ does the same to Tegan’s hole. That hairy ass is a gateway to paradise if there ever was one.

jj knight tegan zayne hot house
It doesn’t happen often but this view, I have no words.

jj knight tegan zayne hot house
Once JJ gets Tegan on his back on the desk, the pummeling picks up speed. With JJ buried deep, Tegan explodes in an airborne cum geyser. JJ’s follows immediately and instead of up, it goes over. This blast you see crashes down on Tegan’s hairy abs. The next one lands on Tegan’s shoulder. It’s true what they say. Real estate can be messy.

[Watch Tegan Zayne & JJ Knight in “On The Market” scene four]

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