Joaquín Ferreira’s Cock Stole Another Show

When Joaquín Ferreira as starred as “El Potro” in Netflix’s “Club de Cuervos,” his cock stole the show, Now it’s doing the same thing on stage and the name of the play makes it even better.

“It was very clear that his character had to be the sex symbol that would have all the girls and gay boys attached to the TV screen, and when Joaquín walked into the room, he got it,” is how one producer described the Argentian born dreamboat.

On Netflix, Club de Cuervos,” was a telenovela that chronicles the trials and tribulations of a wealthy Mexican family that owns a, “beloved but struggling soccer team.” They had high hoped for their “big” new star,

Fortunately for us, Joaquín Ferreira had no problem being naked on the set, revealing to the world that yes indeed, Joaquín Ferreira has the hottest cock on Netflix.
Joaquín Ferreira Has The Hottest Cock On Netflix

Even more fortunate for some audiences, Joaquín Ferreira has no problem being naked on stage in front of a live audience. He and his “grande pinga” recently starred in a Mexican theatrical production called “23 Centimeters” which would translate in English to “9.05512 Inches.”


Joaquin Ferreira naked

Joaquin Ferreira naked

Joaquin Ferreira naked

Joaquin Ferreira naked

(h/t ItsAlekzMx)

To see more big celebrity and find out who’s cut and who’s not …

Whatcha think guys – pretty nice piece eh? What celeb do you dream of seeing naked?

5 thoughts on “Joaquín Ferreira’s Cock Stole Another Show”

  1. where can we see wet vulvas or any vulvas in fact on Netflix or you double standards sexist biased ? it always male genitals that females can swoon titilate over what about us males eh? sick to back teeth where are the vulvas?

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