joel birkin fucks jack harrer

The Universe Delivers: Joel Birkin Raw Dogs Jack Harrer

BelAmi kicked off their “Offensively Large” series with Joel Birkin & Jack Harrer spit-roasting Arne Coen. But today, the battle of the oversized towers is a party of two with Jack in the hot seat.

It had been a year and a half since we saw Jack bottom. Then just a few weeks ago, we were surprised, but delighted, to find Jack Harrer sharing bottom duty with Andre Boleyn in a frenetic fuck train with Ronny Lamarr.

Now we know, that didn’t happen by accident. While indeed, Jack was a most willing participant, in fact, the scene was idea, now we know what he was really up to. Sure, he was getting fucked. But was also in training. And with Joel Birkin and his colossal cock, he’s going to need it.

joel birkin fucks jack harrerBelAmi writes, “Since we have had no Jack on BelAmi for a while we decided at the last minute to bring you this scene with Joel Birkin. The scene comes from our ‘Offensively Large’ collection. Both of our models today are guys with immense talent and immense ‘assets.'” If anyone was looking for a hobby for the upcoming winter, adding to your Offensively Large collection is highly suggested.

joel birkin fucks jack harrerAny way and every way you look, this is a lot of big, fat uncut dick. And while he’s all top today, Joel got a close-up view of Jack’s cock. Then again, you could get a good look at either of their shlongs standing across the room with one eye shut.

joel birkin fucks jack harrerThe only thing hotter than watching Joel pile drive Jack’s hole is imagining what Jack must be conjuring up in his mind behind those closed peepers.

joel birkin fucks jack harrerWithout Arne in the way this time, Joel doesn’t waste an inch, a minute, or a position. And when it’s all over, we all learn something: Offensively Large doesn’t apply just to the cocks; it also accurately describes the volume of swimmers that cum out of them.

[Watch Jack & Joel in “Offensively Large” at BelAmi]

Not that Jack Harrer isn’t bonafide dick candy even just getting out of bed in the morning, but if you had to choose, would you rather see him give it or take it?

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