Joel Hart and His Fat UK Sausage Are Back!

If, like us, you’ve missed UK hunk Joel Hart—whose muscle bod, big girthy cock and hot accent are a potent combo—you’re in luck! The tattooed stud is finally back!

Joel’s was one of the more memorable debuts in porn: In late 2022 at NakedSword, he fucked the hell out of fellow accented stud Dean Young. He soon signed a six-scene deal with the Falcon | NakedSword family, and proceeded to stuff his thick dick into the likes of Bastian KarimKane Fox and Vincent O’Reilly, and more! And now, in the debut scene of Take It From the Top, he returns to Hot House for the first time in over a year!

Joel Hart Joel Hart, Allen King

Joel Hart, Allen King Joel Hart, Allen King

And just as exciting, he’s joined by Allen King—in his first Hot House scene ever (wait…how is that possible?!). Joel is a vision as he rubs his inked muscles, and Allen soon nuzzles up next to him before working out the hunk’s throbbing cock. Allen slurps on that beauty, his own big dick hard as a rock as he sucks.

Joel Hart, Allen King Joel Hart, Allen King

Joel Hart, Allen King

Joel then plants his scruffy face in Allen’s  hole, and we also get hot 69 that shows off Joel’s meaty cock. The top pounds Allen from behind, then the bottom’s cock bounces like crazy as he rides the top (I love this sequence!). Allen then gets on his back for more, the camera looking down on their hot bods. Welcome back, Joel!

See the full scene at Hot House!


12 thoughts on “Joel Hart and His Fat UK Sausage Are Back!”

  1. With those tattoos, he will never make anything of himself. Porn or fast food is his career choices. I’m surehis family is proud if him. LMFAO

  2. People are really losing track about tattoos. Joel Hart is very handsome. However, no more tattoos. Enough is enough. Anyway, he is nicer than Allen King. By the way, why does King always pretend it’s his first time with those fake facial expressions?

  3. Allen still trying to convince us this is the first time he has had a dick in him, with his weird overacted facial expressions.
    His ass has had more traffic through it than the Holland Tunnel.

      1. I don’t believe he has asked you to have sex with him, so I’m not sure why you care about either the tattoos or the foreskin.

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