Dillon Diaz, Joey Mills, Adrian Hart

Joey Mills Opens His Hole For Muscle Men Adrian Hart & Dillon Diaz

I guess it’s just a threesome kind of day. I literally just finished writing about BelAmi’s most recent threesome scenes, but now I guess it’s time to dive into some threeway offerings from the boys over at Men.com.

The scene starts with young porn star Joey Mills getting punished for his previous airport antics (you can read our write-up on that here!) by Adrian Hart, but Joey is in the mood for something else! It doesn’t take much convincing before Adrian drops the bad cop routine and decides to give into Joey’s suggestive foot play.

Right as the boys are getting down to business, Dillon Diaz walks in and sees the two going at it. While he’s shocked by the developments, he’s not opposed to joining in on the fun. Dillon and Adrian quickly disrobe, get their hard cocks into position, and set out to fill up Joey’s eager boy hole.

While all of the men in this scene are on their A-game, if anyone is going to get praise and awards for this particular bareback session, it should be Adrian Hart. I mean, look at the two photos above this paragraph.

Anyone who is able to balance on their hands while upside down, sucking dick, getting sicked off, and your hole chowed down on, should be applauded! It’s a position that I’m sure many of us have never tried, but it’s a position that I’m sure many of us would quickly fail at fully completing.

If you want to see more of Joey’s hole getting used by these two muscle men, you can check out this full scene over at Men.com.


7 thoughts on “Joey Mills Opens His Hole For Muscle Men Adrian Hart & Dillon Diaz”

  1. It is wonderful to see a younger man fucked by more mature men. The younger the boy, the better beyond 12 years of age, and the more men fucking him, the better. I love to see first timers get it!

    1. I know what you mean. I absolutely crave crave crave real young guys!!!! But I have to wait until their 18th birthday.

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