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Watch Discretion Advised Co-Host John Hill Detail Hilarious Threesome

“This should be on the Paetron,” John Hill says during a recent episode of the Discretion Advised podcast. Luckily for us, he just kept right on telling co-host Marc MacNamara about a wild threeway he had with a married couple.

After connecting with the couple and sharing some sexts with them, one of them reached out and invited Hill over for one-on-one play while his husband was out getting his ass eaten. Hill ended up getting his ass eaten, too, despite a proclaimed dislike of his butt. Or at least until the guy excused himself to go get a glass of water, leaving Hill on all fours with his hole in the air. (“If you move a muscle, I’ll know,” he told Hill.)

Upon his return, he resumed rimming Hill until the husband walked in—vaping and on his phone. Turns out, the husband had been home the whole (hole?) time, and they’d set Hill up for some kinky roleplay where one of them “got caught” having sex.

“Did you remain on all fours for both of them to feast on the beast?” MacNamara asked. Hill did not; he adjusted his position because you “don’t shake hands with your anus.” (We say it depends on the anus, but point taken.) All that said, Hill left having had a great time and wouldn’t rule out a return. But he and MacNamara (like us) had some questions. How much planning went into this whole thing? Did they decide in advance that one of them would be vaping when they got caught? What flavor vape was it, anyway?

“It sounds terrible,” Hill said, but added that he’s “too old and too tired” to put up with anything he doesn’t want to do, so it all worked out.

And we have one follow-up question ourselves: We’re dying to know what those two men talked about after Hill took his leave. Was it all in a day, or did they dissect the whole experience and journal about it together?

Would you be turned on or turned off by being used as a roleplay prop? (Personally, I’ve said, “Put out or get out,” more than once in similar situations.) Sound off in the comments below. And, of course, if threesomes are your thing, you can find more than you can handle on Naked Sword.

Watch Hill tell the full story around the 9:20 mark.

10 thoughts on “Watch Discretion Advised Co-Host John Hill Detail Hilarious Threesome”

  1. Embarrassing for them that they are so simple. As we get older, aren’t men supposed to be less vapid and stupid?

  2. “too old and too tired” Yep! He hit the nail on the head there. What a STUPID, and insipid article. Talk about an egocentric “has been”. Sorry to deliver the bad news Hill and MacNamara…. but no one cares.

  3. God they are both awful. MacNamara thinks he is is gay worlds Christopher Nolan and Hill thinks he is good looking guy with “hilarious” stories.

  4. With news about Austin Wolfe’s monstrosity being reported from ALL parts of the world, I found Marc MacNamara’s conduct quite alienating. Then certain gays get a reputation for being egocentric and they don’t know why. MacNamara, get better!

  5. Universal Potentate

    That was a boring story by a boring person about a boring couple as overheard by a prudish friend trying to make his boring experience seem edgy.

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