Johnny Ford

Johnny Ford Gives Us Hard Workout Tips

Is your gym still closed (or are you still too scared to go back?)? Fear not! Johnny shows us the best way to get a good pump from home and stay in shape during the age of social distancing.

As the Model Behavior series continues, some of the top names in the business get creative as they get off. Using his home gym, handsome and hung Johnny Ford works up his shoulders—and his big uncut cock.

Johnny Ford

Johnny stars by giving us a good squat as he takes off his usual gym shorts to show off his jockstrap, then follows it up with some handstand pushups—giving us an amazing look at his smooth, toned backside.

Johnny Ford Johnny Ford

Dumbbell raises get his shoulders popping even more—and get him breathing heavy, the sweat dripping down to his butt crack. After stretching out his quads, he does some single leg dumbbell squats—then uses a resistance tube to stretch out his legs and show off his hole. “Something about getting all sweaty in my jockstrap makes me horny as fuck.”

Johnny Ford Johnny Ford

Johnny can’t hold back much longer, whipping out his big boner as he strokes his cock and continues to show off his ass. He shows off his schlong in front of the mirror, giving us double the dick before he squirts a big load all over it.

Johnny Ford Johnny Ford

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