Just how many kids does Johnny Rapid have?

It's surprising not because no one knew he was gay-for-pay, but mainly because Johnny Rapid doesn't look old enough to be a father—much less the father of multiple children?? Also, how does he find the time? He's always getting gangbanged.

Here are excerpts from the undated (it was sometime within the past 30 days) interview with Johnny Rapid, from a blog written by someone who goes by the name "Stacey Gone Wild"(?).

Stacey Gone Wild: What would you be doing now with your life if you hadn’t gotten involved in porn?

Johnny Rapid: I would still be struggling to raise my children with a minimum wage 9 to 5.

If that isn't weird enough, how about the time a fan went up to Johnny Rapid's girlfriend in the mall and tripped her?

Stacey Gone Wild: Have you had any bad experiences with fans? Do you enjoy interacting with them?

Johnny Rapid: I love interactions with my fans. The fans are amazing. One fan did “accidentally” trip my girlfriend at the mall. That’s never cool.


Also, you're in luck, Jake Bass...

Stacey Gone Wild: Which of your scenes is your favourite? Favourite co-star? Who would you like to work with?

Johnny Rapid: My favorite scene is Prison Shower as it is my most popular. I have many co-stars I like, I rather not choose favorites. My girlfriend Sara would love to see fellow pornstar Jake Bass and I work together.

Is this interview real?
How many kids does Johnny Rapid have?
Would you ever trip a gay-for-pay porn star's girlfriend in the mall?
Would you ever go wild with Stacey?

Johnny Rapid's infamous "Prison Shower" scene with Rafael Alencar:

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