Johnny Rapid, Vander Pulaski

Johnny Rapid Rams Big-Dicked Bottom Vander Pulaski in Premiere of ‘Dear Johnny’!

Inspired by messages from his fans, Johnny Rapid brings their fantasies to life in the debut of the new NakedSword Originals feature Dear Johnny! (Want to give Johnny some sexy ideas? Read his new weekly column at The Sword and leave him a comment!)

In Dear Johnny from award-winning director Edward James, Johnny gets turned on reading some of his letters, emails, tweets and messages from fans—and recreates the bareback fantasies and steamy stories just for you! In the debut scene, Johnny gets inspired by a letter from a superfan and nature lover who wanders the wilderness and tracks wildlife. That letter is brought to life by Vander Pulaski, and can we just pause for a second to appreciate the beauty of these two men…

Vander Pulaski Johnny Rapid

God damn!  “Dear Johnny,” writes Vander. “In my fantasy you are wandering down a deserted stretch of road and I pull over to pick you up…” When Vander notices Johnny clenching his crotch, he pulls to the side of the road and slides down Johnny’s jeans to service his cock.

Johnny Rapid, Vander Pulaski Johnny Rapid, Vander Pulaski

Once Vander gets Johnny rock hard, he bends over so Johnny can slide his schlong inside. Up against the truck, Vander takes it. Mid-stroke, Johnny sits back in the bed of the truck so Vander can deep throat his cock again.

Johnny Rapid, Vander Pulaski Johnny Rapid, Vander Pulaski

Vander’s dream encounter continues as he climbs on Johnny’s wood and rides it hard in the back of the pickup. This is where Vander really shines, as we get to see that fuzzy chest and big beautiful dick rock hard as he bounces up and down (does anyone do this better?! I love how he shows off his meat while taking it.)

Johnny Rapid, Vander Pulaski Johnny Rapid, Vander Pulaski

Vander finally gets on his back and rolls up his legs, Johnny plunge fucking him from above with his bushy dick. The top drops a load on the bottom’s hole before sliding his dick back in, and Vander soon squirts out a hot wad from his big thick slab!

See the full scene at NakedSword!


10 thoughts on “Johnny Rapid Rams Big-Dicked Bottom Vander Pulaski in Premiere of ‘Dear Johnny’!”

  1. If I could sit Johnny down and talk to him, I would discuss how it’s important to know when our time in the porn sun is done. It’s old now and that ass after 200+ dicks needs to sit down and rest.

    I’d also invite Rafael Alencar to the seminar as well.

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