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All Previous Fuck Trains Have Now Been Derailed

Spit-roasts, fuck trains, & three-ways too often sound hotter than they prove to be. Not this time. All in peak condition, Johnny V, Austin Wolf, & Jeremy Spreadums just delivered one of the hottest scenes of the year.

I know what you’re thinking. Between Hot House and Falcon Studios Group exclusives Austin Wolf and Johnny V, you’ve been there and even with the addition of Jeremy Spreadums, you’ve done that.

Trust me here, guys. This combination today has all of the magic Alex Mecum and Micah Brandt had last week in “The Trainer: No Excuses”. And then raises the bar the few notches higher.

johnny v austin wolf jeremy spreadums hot houseThe mass of Austin Wolf. The rips of Johnny V. Add the ass of Jeremy Spreadums. What a combination. Jeremy is a pint-sized compared to the towering figures of Austin and Johnny. While makes him the perfect size to be their very willing fuck toy today. But make no mistake. Ain’t nobody playing around.

johnny v austin wolf jeremy spreadums hot houseOne of the biggest pitfalls of three-ways usually is there’s a stronger attraction between two of them and the other guy winds up being there for show. Today, the fact is that all three seem effortless in sync sexually from frame one. And the reality of that is even hotter than it sounds.

johnny v austin wolf jeremy spreadums hot house“The Trainer: No Excuses” builds on the natural testosterone boost we get from working out. Clearly, our men have clocked many an hour in the gym. A kiss starts things off and Jeremy can’t take the suspense. He hits the mat and takes both Johnny and Austin in his mouth. Then Austin has Jeremy bend over, fingers and licks that fuzzy hole before he and Johnny launch a tag team rim job. Not just hot, but smart. Jeremy is going to need all that spit because company is about to arrive.

johnny v austin wolf jeremy spreadums hot houseGrabbing the ropes, Austin goes first and goes deep into Jeremy. Next is Johnny’s turn. And now we have another tag team but this time, it’s pile-driving Jeremy’s hole.

johnny v austin wolf jeremy spreadums hot houseJohnny is no dummy. He claims the middle spot and the fuck sandwich is complete with Jeremy on the front and Austin at the back door. Johnny is getting the best of both and this train keeps chugging until we get to the finish line.

johnny v austin wolf jeremy spreadums hot houseWith Jeremy on the mat, Austin and Johnny flank him with their cocks. Johnny drains his previously very full balls before Austin dumps his all over Jeremy’s face. Finally, Jeremy gives himself the green light and adds to the flood. The lake of jizz continues to drip down Jeremy’s abs as the three-way ends with a three-way kiss. And that, guys, is how to travel on a fuck train.

[Watch Austin, Jeremy, & Johnny in “The Trainer: No Excuses” scene three at Hot House]

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