adam bryant fucks johnny v hot house

Johnny V Gets Adam Bryant Buzzed

Adam and Johnny salute Veterans Day with a para-military power-fuck.

The sexual depravity where twisted leather meets unbridled lust is the undercurrent of “Skuff: Rough Trade 2”.

That provides the perfect battlefield for Johnny V’s unique ability to channel his physical might into a needy subservience.

Adam Bryant is making his studio debut today. He and Adam infuse the give and take between doms and subs where the sub pushes the limits for one reason: to get put in his place.

adam bryant fucks johnny v hot houseJohnny V’s reign as one of the fittest bodies in gay porn remains unchallenged. Of course, it’s not just his body, but how he uses it. And today, how he allows it to be used. At the same time, the versatility Adam has shown from everything to playing a “delightful” Peek-A-Choo to getting his camera cherry plucked by Diego Sans comes full circle.

adam bryant fucks johnny v hot houseAfter getting shorn like a sheep by Johnny, the balance of power takes a sudden shift. Always thick dicked, the gear and rings have Adam’s bone bloated and hungry. Johnny ditches his jock, hits his knees, begins to polish Adam’s boots, and ends up polishing Adam’s knob.

adam bryant fucks johnny v hot houseAdam manually surveys Johnny’s needy ass. He knows how badly Johnny wants to be dicked. But he buries his face first in between Johnny’s cheeks. Johnny is good and ready. Adam wants him bad and ready.

adam bryant fucks johnny v hot houseAdam fills Johnny in one swift lunge all the way to his balls. Adam first holds Johnny in place by his leather harness, then uses it like a handle to flip Johnny on his back. The direct access to his prostate and the intensity of his drilling has Johnny covering those chiseled abs with a heavy puddle of jizz. Then Adam turns that puddle into a lake.

[Watch Johnny V & Adam Bryant in “Skuff: Rough Trade 2” scene two]

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