Jordan Starr, Benjamin Blue

Jordan Starr’s Meaty Dick Makes Benjamin Blue Squirt Hands-Free (And Twice!)

Is there a more beautiful site than the sparkly eyes of Benjamin Blue looking up at Jordan Starr, whose beefy cock is deep inside the handsome sucker’s mouth? As it turns out, this scene gives us a few more great visuals to choose from!

I can’t get enough of jock Jordan and his big dick. He’s always smiling and has such a positive energy, topping and bottoming with equal excitement (I mean, not gonna lie…I prefer him as a top, but seeing his big dick hard as he gets fucked is also yummy). And he always sucks dick back, so he’s never a greedy top.

Jordan Starr, Benjamin Blue

Jordan Starr, Benjamin Blue

Here, he gets paired with cute Benjamin, the two starting by swapping sucks. And that brings me to one of the best visuals here: Benjamin’s mouth getting slurpy as fuck as he deep throats an impressed Jordan, whose big dick disappears (the sucker planting his lip and keeping them there), a giant gob of spit stuck to his mouth and falling to the floor when he comes up for air (so damn hot!). Jordan immediately bends down to kiss him, which makes it even better.

Jordan Starr, Benjamin Blue Jordan Starr, Benjamin Blue

Then Jordan starts to pound the bottom hard as he braces himself against a post, and it excites Benjamin so much that he squirts hands free as he takes it, jizz falling to the floor. That’s when they head to the bed, where Jordan gets sucked some more before diving his dick back into that smooth hole.

Jordan Starr, Benjamin Blue

Benjamin sits down on the hung top, who thrusts his rod up into him. He then takes it on his back, Jordan finally pulling out to squirt on the bottom—who then comes again (!), and an even bigger load this time (I love to see that!). Have you come twice by getting fucked before?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


7 thoughts on “Jordan Starr’s Meaty Dick Makes Benjamin Blue Squirt Hands-Free (And Twice!)”

  1. Nice to see CockyBoys is steering away from the girlie models. Very hot and nice to see two men fucking instead of the usual squealing girls!

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