Josh Brady and His Big Dick Are Back at Next Door Studios!

When Josh Brady suddenly appeared in a scene at Next Door last October (stuffing his big dick in fuzzy Julian Brady), I was shocked and thrilled. He had done almost all of his work at Helix beforehand (for seven years!), so seeing him at another major studio was refreshing.

But why did it have to take an agonizing three months to see him there again?! I need to see Josh in scenes with all these hot models he never got a chance to perform with before, so he has a lot of catching up to do (Falcon, get on it!!!). In this Taboo scene, he’s paired with two hot Andrews: hairy Andrew Miller and tattooed Andrew Delta.

Josh and Mr. Miller need to film a collab, and they enlist Josh’s stepbro Andrew Delta to work the camera. But things escalate quickly as Andrew Miller sucks Josh—who soon has his mouth stuffed with some Delta dick. Andrew Delta then gets in the middle of a new suck chain before we get some great fuck action.

That includes Andrew Delta getting spit roasted, and two hot fuck trains with him in the middle. Despite the slightly disappointing stills for this scene (Next Door, you need to up your photography game with the action shots!), this is a smoking hot threesome. Please oh please keep these Josh scenes coming!

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


8 thoughts on “Josh Brady and His Big Dick Are Back at Next Door Studios!”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Andrew Miller needs to just wax from the knees up. His patchy hair does NOT work for whatever beaver bush situation he has going in. He seems otherwise enthusiastic and engaged, but his dick should not look any smaller.
    Andrew D however, stole the show. You hit all the right notes, kid.

    1. You knew it was bound to happen. One cannot stay youthful for too long at Helix. As for Josh no matter what studio picked him, he is a catch. Hope he is not all tops. Liked him when bottomed now and then.

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