josh brady fucks marcell tykes

Marcell Tykes Gets Carried Away

Helix knows the find they have in Marcell Tykes and wasted no time getting back for his big hardcore debut with very sexy, big, and hard Josh Brady.

Marcell Tykes didn’t as much ride a dildo in his introductory solo that we looked at on Tuesday.

He made love to it with an ass that carried a golden promise of things to come.

Helix makes good on that promise today with studly Josh Brady replacing that sex toy with something bigger for Marcell’s camera cherry plucking honors.

josh brady fucks marcell tykesThe extended trailer offers a Q&A where we get a sense of just how comfortable Marcell is in his own skin. And that seems to directly correlate to how comfortable, and more importantly, natural he is on camera. He invites it in while seemingly being unaware it’s there at all.

josh brady fucks marcell tykesHelix gives us a couple of Marcell-centric hashtags: #LovesToSuckDick quickly becomes obvious. #SensitiveNips will soon make sense too.

josh brady fucks marcell tykesMarcell told Josh in the interview his nips were hardwired to his pleasure zone. Josh didn’t forget. And the result, in the words of Helix, is “Marcell mounts the beast bareback and gets a gorgeous raw rhythm going as his beautiful, chiseled body moves like pure, porn poetry.”

josh brady fucks marcell tykesOnce Josh deposits Marcel back on the bed, he spills his load into the cuts in his abs until that eight-pack is leaking in what looks like rivers of jizz. As for Josh, “he jumps up and jams his squirting giant in pretty boy’s face.” And that, guys, is how you make an entrance.

[Watch Marcell & Josh in “Introducing Marcell Tykes” at Helix]

Of course, this is an interracial scene. But the story here is what it should be. Two models with great chemistry putting on a helluva show. This what diversity should be in gay porn. Just a detail whose time has come. Agreed?

3 thoughts on “Marcell Tykes Gets Carried Away”

    1. You have a right to your opinion. And to what you find hot. In turn, that means others have the right to make their own choices. That means people will find models that you don’t. It’s sad that you can’t see how a model that doesn’t march in your parade is hot to someone else. Not because of PC inclusion, not to piss you off, but that some people find them hot.

    2. Guess what people with darker skin are beautiful too, racist jackass!!! It’s twink porn, guess what…there are African American twinks too, get over it!!! The fact that they haven’t had an African American model before is what’s sad!!!

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