josh conners jacob taylor falcon

When Ultra Sex Makes An Ultra Mess

We learn something from Jacob Taylor and Josh Conners in the latest from “Ultra Sex”: high-tech future fucks will be a very fluid situation.

From the first scene with Sebastian Kross and Derek Bolt, to JJ Knight and Skippy Baxter, and last time with Jimmy Durano and Ryan Rose, “Ultra Sex” has been a hardcore journey into the next generation of gay sex featuring some of the this generation’s hottest men.

josh conners jacob taylor falcon
The muscled cuts of Jacob Taylor’s hard body are looking more appealing than ever under the bright lights. Jacob feels the same way about the curves of Josh Conners’s gleaming glutes as “Ultra Sex” from Falcon cums to a very messy close.

josh conners jacob taylor falcon
Josh wants that cock. Jacob not only makes him earn it. He makes him lube it up too.

josh conners jacob taylor falcon
Thoroughly slicked up from Josh’s mouth, Jacob grasps hold of Josh’s jockstrap for extra leverage. I can only hope this is what the new meaning of “get a grip” will be.

josh conners jacob taylor falcon
Perched over Josh, Jacob’s first few rips of cum blast across Josh’s face before the stragglers replenish Josh’s fluids. Then after his own nut, Josh gives Jacob a taste of the future.

[Watch Josh Conners & Jacob Taylor in “Ultra Sex” scene four]

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