julian rodriguez fucks chad norman

Julian Rodriguez Takes Chad Norman For A Ride

Chad Norman has a sexy six-pack. He loves getting them worshiped. Julian Rodriguez loves ripped abs. But as it turned out, he loved Chad’s ass even more.

Seems like we just counted down the top ten scenes at GayHoopla – because we did.

Collin Simpson proved to be the GayHoopla breakout star of 2017.

But it’s a brand new year and Collin already has rivals to his throne.

Starting today with Julian Rodriguez and Chad Norman.

julian rodriguez fucks chad norman“Julian grabs his swollen cock and swallows it down, bringing Chad to the edge a bit so the young men change places and Chad sucks Julian. Julian’s already hard himself, so Chad gets it as far down as he can. As usual, Julian’s dick stays rock hard all through the post-scene interview. He says Chad’s is the tightest hole he’s fucked.”

julian rodriguez fucks chad normanOnce Julian is finished with Chad’s dick, Chad takes over sucking duties. And quite successfully too. This led to a sexual declaration to escape Julian’s lips: “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

julian rodriguez fucks chad normanWith Chad’s hairy ass, crack, and balls on full display with his legs spread wide, Julian really let him have it.

julian rodriguez fucks chad normanChad leans forward and grinds his ass on Julian’s cock until the pressure makes him spew his load. Now Julian makes another declaration to his buddy, “I got a big old load for you.” And Julian didn’t keep it to himself.

[Watch Chad & Julian in “Julian Rodriguez FUCKS Chad Norman” at GayHoopla]

Who would you rather: Collin Simpson, Julian Rodriguez, or Chad Norman?


2 thoughts on “Julian Rodriguez Takes Chad Norman For A Ride”

  1. The scene with Dylan sitting on Quinn’s bare dick with Quinn’s load squirting up into Dylan’s ass was much hotter than anything this crap studio will ever produce.

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