Just What GLAAD Needs, The Brilliant Talent And Creativity Of Director Brett Ratner

A perfect pairing, truly:

GLAAD today announced plans for a groundbreaking video campaign to be produced and directed by Brett Ratner.

“Working together with GLAAD has been a very positive and enlightening experience for me, and I could not be more pleased to be developing this crucial campaign to help educate people that we all share the same humanity,” said Ratner.


Ratner already ruined film franchises like Silence of the Lambs and X-Men thanks to the sequels he directed (Red Dragon, The Last Stand), so hopefully he won’t “ruin” GLAAD too! Either way, the director of such masterpieces as Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2Rush Hour 3, and last year’s Tower Heist is sure to lend a real touch of class to the already classy and genius minds of GLAAD, who continue to break new ground in the highly skilled art that is writing a press release whenever a Z-list celebrity says the word “tranny.”

The upcoming video series will feature a diverse group of Hollywood celebrities, athletes, musicians and politicians ‘coming out of the closet’ as supporters of equality. Participants will share personal stories about why and how they support the LGBT community and call on Americans to do the same.

Personal stories? Oh, yes, that is definitely what we need more of…celebrities and their personal stories. Stories that will “convince” people that they should like gay people! Because there’s nothing an anti-gay bigot loves more than listening to a Hollywood celebrity’s personal story. I’d rather gay bash myself and sit through a Brett Ratner movie marathon (which are both kind of the same thing).

And here I was hoping that maybe Brett Ratner could just “blow up” all the homophobic people in the world after filming them in a crazy car chase through West Hollywood.


3 thoughts on “Just What GLAAD Needs, The Brilliant Talent And Creativity Of Director Brett Ratner”

  1. Rush Hour made me laugh. ONCE. You never did.

    Also, at least they’re doing something as supposed to just complaining about everything and ripping off Hipster Runoff. I’d call you princess, but we all know that you just stole that crown.

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