justin brody fucks ace era

Class, Ass, Love, & Lust

It’s Professor Kelp’s slutty alter-ego that gets schooled by student Justin Brody as Justin discovers the way to Buddy’s heart is through the back door entrance.

There are those movies you hate to see end. “The Slutty Professor” from NakedSword Originals is one of them.

Danny Montero made his studio debut on the business end of JJ Knight’s donkey dick to start things off. Next was the long-awaited return of Bruce Beckham to the blue screen.

Last week, nerdy Professor Kelp transformed himself into the raging Buddy Fuck with a secret concoction but even after getting his slutty alter-ego in, and in between, Tyler Roberts and Dave Slick, there was something he wanted and needed more than anything else.

justin brody fucks ace eraAnd today, he gets it.

justin brody fucks ace era“The new sexy Slutty Professor Buddy Fuck (Ace Era) has won over his students and finally has the confidence to make his move on Justin Brody. Buddy shoves his bulging crotch in Justin’s face, whips out his cock, and shoves it down his throat.

justin brody fucks ace eraJustin pulls out his huge dick and feeds it to the Slutty Professor before bending him over and eating his ass. Following the instructions of Buddy’s “Fuck Me” tattoo, Justin shoves his cock deep in his hole.”

justin brody fucks ace eraOnce Justin has impaled his big piece, he only fucks faster and harder, ultimately fucking a high-flying nut Buddy launches all over hairy chest and abs.

justin brody fucks ace eraUnable to hold back his own eruption, Justin blows his load right into Buddy’s greedy mouth — just as effects of the potion are wearing off. Buddy falls behind the lab counter and the old Nerdy Professor Kelp emerges to Justin delight as the man he’s pined for all along.


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