justin brody fucks viktor belmont

Justin Brody Delivers The Load From Hell

Sex begins with what’s between our ears and ends with what’s between our legs. Though today, when Justin Brody finishes up with Viktor Belmont, it ends with what is all over Viktor’s face.

What is sexy to you is an easy question to answer. What can be sexy to you, however, is not a question most of us still ask.

In the first and second parts of our exclusive interview with transman Viktor Belmont, he opened up about himself and his journey. Hopefully, he also opened our minds to reexamine the confines we have placed on our definition of what hot can mean.

justin brody fucks viktor belmontIn this second scene from “The Devil’s Deal And Sordid Other Tales”, Viktor Belmont and Justin Brody travel that journey in this world and beyond. And this time, we’re making the trip with them.

justin brody fucks viktor belmontJustin Brody dabbles in witchcraft against the backdrop of the religious iconography of a cemetery chapel and the tombstones that surround it. His pagan ‘Calling the Quarters’ conjures up an aggressive sexual two-spirit, Viktor Belmont.

justin brody fucks viktor belmontWhen Viktor vanquishes them both into another dimension, the real adventure of mind, body, and spirit transports us all with sights we have likely never seen before that only NakedSword Originals would have the balls and vision to bring to life.

justin brody fucks viktor belmontUnbridled lust leads to cocksucking as the specter reveals new sexual pleasures Justin had never known before. That pleasure proves to be a two way and two-sided affair where more than cocks get devoured.

justin brody fucks viktor belmontDriven mad by the specter’s verbal and physical aggression, Justin mercilessly fucks his hole.

justin brody fucks viktor belmontJustin delivers the proverbial load from hell all over Viktor’s outstretched tongue only to immediately find him back on the cemetery grounds where his journey began. At first, Justin wonders if it was all a dream. But the cum he licks off his fingers tells him otherwise. After all, “The Devil’s Deal And Sordid Other Tales” works in mysterious ways.

[Watch Viktor & Justin in “The Devil’s Deal and Other Sordid Tales” scene two “Beyond The Grave” at NakedSword]
And remember, it’s not just what you know, but who …
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23 thoughts on “Justin Brody Delivers The Load From Hell”

  1. James Brody only knows one way to fuck: aggressively and totally in charge and it’s smokin hot to watch and the bottoms seem to love it.

  2. To the stupid Queens who commented on this movie – where is your TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE for those who are DIFFERENT….

    1. Stop playing with a tolerance/acceptance card, because it gets boring and gets abusive. This is porn, it’s about what turn us on! Vaginal sex is not what most gay folks want to see in their gay porn.
      So if I don’t want to see lesbians and str8 females engaging in sexual activity with another man in gay porn, that makes me intolerant or misogynist?

      Seriously stop being ridiculous.

  3. It’s a bit unfortunate – the call coming from inside the house. If you don’t like it then you don’t watch it. It’s that easy.

  4. If they want to have transmen in porn, fine. Just don’t call it gay porn.

    And stop pretending like it’s morally wrong for a person not to be attracted to transsexuals.

      1. Not wanting to see trans people having sex doesn’t make me transphobic; it makes me gay.

        I have zero problems with trans people or trans porn. But, the producer of this film bills itself as “The Netflix of Gay Porn”. Trans porn is not gay porn. Hence, it shouldn’t be marketed as gay pron.

  5. As a gay man, literally the last thing I want to see is a vagina. I’m not even trying to be anti-trans or anything like that. It is just a turn off no matter how much beard is going on up top. No thanks

  6. I’m not personally attracted to vagina. And I usually don’t wanna see it in my porn. But Viktor is quite a handsome man and this scene will be sure to attract the kind of men who are into this. No transphobia from me, just love for my trans brothers and sisters.

  7. Wait, the magical, mystical other worldly specter is a trans man? conjured up by the occult?

    So trans men are supernatural creatures?

    Seems tone deaf to me.

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