justin charles reed naked pics

#CelebrityCock: Justin Charles Reed

You may have seen this Yoda of The Workouts in low cut jeans or posing trunks before, but as it turns out, you haven’t seen the half of it.

The latest to grace #CelebrityCock is Justin Charles Reed who describes himself on his Facebook page, “a lifestyle blogger with a strong focus in the health and fitness world.”

“My main goal is to always bring high-quality content to my fans and provide them with the utmost interaction!!” He has also represented EHP Labs and served as an Alpha Clothing athlete. He’s also worked for Gucci and as a trainer at Gold’s Gym.

He’s a 29-year-old husband and father of two boys from Orlando, FL who studied at National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2012 and the same year. began showing up, and showing off, on Instagram.

Grill and Chill. 🔥💪🏼🥦🥩

A post shared by Justin Reed (@justinreedofficial) on

No wonder he has over 256k followers

justin charles reed naked picsHe is one handsome man.

justin charles reed naked picsHe’s gotten a little cheeky before.


And even shown his morning wood through the jealous confines of his underwear.

First up, putting both heads together …

justin charles reed naked pics

justin charles reed naked pics

BoroMuffian did some looking, and finding.



There’s a reason why they call NakedSword the “Netflix of Gay Porn”
justin charles reed naked picsOver 20,000 reasons why. And eight new ones every day!


And then OMGblog “dialed” it home …
justin charles reed naked pics

justin charles reed naked pics
With a baby maker like that, it’s a wonder he only has two kids.



4 thoughts on “#CelebrityCock: Justin Charles Reed”

  1. “father of two boys”….and waving his ….well you know…on the internet ..yikes wonder how long till this gets on the playground

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