Kane Fox Bottoms For Brogan’s Daddy Dick

When last we saw Kane Fox and Brogan, they were sadly not having sex together—even though they totally could have because they were in the same house, with Kane instead choosing to fool around with hung Jake Preston at a sleepover with Brogan’s son. It seemed like a missed opportunity for a fourgy, but at least we know get to see some Brogan/Kane lovin.

I’m not sure I’m buying Brogan as a daddy just yet, but I guess he’s close enough. Kane wakes up in the afterglow of his fun with Jake to take a piss, then hides in the shower when he hears Brogan coming because he wants to catch a glimpse of that daddy dick. Of course he gets caught and has to admit his crush, which is enough for Brogan to go for it.

Brogan Kane Fox

Brogan, Kane Fox

If you would have told me a year ago that we’d see a scene where Kane bottoms for Brogan, I would have thought you were crazy—yet here we are. Kane bends over to take that daddy dick, then gets rimmed before riding daddy’s cock—which gives us the hottest shots of the scene as Kane’s big dick bounces around as he sits down on that pole.

Brogan, Kane Fox

Brogan, Kane Fox

Brogan, Kane Fox

Kane than slurps on Brogan’s hard cock before taking it on his back, soon getting a load to the hole. I really wish this was a flip fuck, and some of the shots in the bathroom are too cramped for my liking, but these two guys are so hot I don’t care. What do you make of Brogan as a top and Kane as a bottom?

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