ken rodeo brute club nakedsword

Ken Rodeo’s “Blow Up Doll” Lips Get Some Brute Force

Brute Club’s club is already world famous. But it took the both set’s of Ken Rodeo’s lips to send them both into orbit.

Not lost, but standing out in the sea of rainbow flags and the Castro’s finest, British stud Brute Club and Austria’s finest, Ken Rodeo, play the ultimate game of “Pride and Seek” in the finale of “International Playboys” from NakedSword Originals.

They attended their first American Pride with the same intent of hooking up with the hottest man they could find. Just like many of the rest of us. Only few of us will ever get as lucky as they make each other.

ken rodeo brute club nakedsword
When someone remakes “Vogue”, the phrase “Ken Rodeo gives good face” should be the first update to the lyrics. With two of the world’s most fuckable sets of lips on one very hot boy, Ken was destined to become one of gay porn’s next big things.

ken rodeo brute club nakedsword
Speaking of big things, then we have Brute Club. Neither “Brute” nor “Club” are honorary names here. After today’s scene, people may start calling him just “Brute” as in just “Madonna.” But we’ll save the singing for fellow countryman and NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor. Not even Pavarotti could sing as well as Brute fucks.

ken rodeo brute club nakedsword
Brute lives up to his name and brutally fucks Ken’s pretty face then surprises everyone, even himself, by going down on Ken and sucking his perfect cock – Brute’s first-time at the dick lick rodeo on camera. He’s with a good teacher. Ken’s pretty mouth is far from just decorative.

ken rodeo brute club nakedsword
And pretty as he is, Ken could just pose for the camera. But he doesn’t. His other lips have magical abilities of their own. His cock is up for the ride. And visitors are welcome.

ken rodeo brute club nakedsword
To that hole goes Brute’s pole – over and over again. Deeper and deeper each time. No rest between positions. Just unrelenting Brute force that fucks a load right out of Ken. As for Brute’s load? Well, just say this: Ken Rodeo’s “Blow Up Doll” lips don’t go back to Austria without being liberally hydrated and protein infused.

[Watch Ken Rodeo and Brute Force in the “International Playboys” finale from NakedSword Originals]

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  1. Brute Club is the type of boy to treat you so wrong outside the bedroom but so right in the bedroom. #TreatsYouLikeShitAndMakesYouLoveIt #OwnMyHoleBrute

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