ken rodeo griffin barrows flip fuck

Ken Rodeo Goes From Bottom To Top Of The Barrows

To the top of the Griffin Barrows that is. And yes, when it comes to topping, this is Ken’s first time at that Rodeo. And Griffin gets a ride in too.

We’ll see on Saturday how their follow-up version “Star Wars” plays out. But as we looked at a couple of weeks ago,’s version of “Ex-Machina” has been one of their better gay porn parodies.

Playing the part of Caleb, Griffin Barrows was in the opening scene. Then there was that scorcher between Paddy O’Brian and the sexy Spaniard, Sunny Colucci. It all comes together in the finale today in more ways the one.

paddy obrian fucks ken rodeoAlso an Alter Sin production from across the pond, the last time we saw platinum Ken Rodeo was when it was his turn for his British invasion from Paddy.

ken rodeo griffin barrows flip fuckToday’s scene, like the entire production is in letterbox format and beautifully filmed. After completing his scientific research on the topping abilities of the “breath-taking humanoids” in the lab, Griffin gets his shot at a real person. At least real not counting the lips.

ken rodeo griffin barrows flip fuckHe also gets his shot at burying his dick — once Ken relents and lets him extricate it from his mouth that is.

ken rodeo griffin barrows flip fuckThen Ken takes his turn and ultimately gets his shot too. Directly over Griffin’s open mouth that is. Granted, putting two bottoms together does not a top make flip fuck or not. But, in this case, it does make for a memorable scene,/a> as we’ll likely never see these boys in the driver’s seat again. Zum zum.

[Watch Ken & Griffin in “Ex-Machina : A Gay XXX Parody” scene four]

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