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Introducing The Striking, Stunning, & Spunky Ken Rodeo

With the world’s most fuckable lips, Ken Rodeo redefines what it means to “give good face” as he answers “The Call” with Klein Kerr. Is this the hottest blue screen debut yet this year?

It’s not often a model comes along as incomparably beautiful as Ken Rodeo. Once more, in his very first performance, he also exhibits a sexual exuberance for not just fucking and sucking, but the ability to do so on camera in a way that makes your toe curls from frame one.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt Klein Kerr in the one doing the fucking either. Together they answer “The Call” from MenAtPlay.

ken rodeo klein kerr menatplay
Klein Kerr looks like the man you see in a cologne ad in a magazine. Ken Rodeo has the kind of face you to see on a billboard. Excellent pairing.

Klein plays the busy boss who can’t decide between his pressing phone call and pressing his dick into Ken. So he does both. For the almost the entire movie.

ken rodeo klein kerr menatplay
One look at those lips and what do you stick in there first: tongue or dick?

ken rodeo klein kerr menatplay
To say nothing of peering down, or up for that matter, and seeing this view.

ken rodeo klein kerr menatplay
Even at MenAtPlay, where business drag is always front and center, some fucks demand getting more comfortable. Klein delivers a solid fuck, a solid blast and with his fingers lodged deep in Ken’s hole, Ken’s first time at this rodeo is in the form a big, thick load. Watch this … then watch out for Ken Rodeo.

[Watch Ken Rodeo & Klein Kerr in “The Call” at MenAtPlay]

When I said watch out for Ken Rodeo, it won’t take long. Falcon and NakedSword know talent when they see it too:

Consder that a preview. Watch this blog!

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