Ken Ryker In Jail After Third DUI Arrest In South Dakota

On the eve of what was supposed to be Ken Ryker’s “comeback tour” of gay bars across the country, the troubled yet well hung former gay porn star is behind bars in a South Dakota jail.

Ryker had promised fans that he would be hitting the gym and the tanning salon in the build up to his Cocktails With The Stars appearance on May 5th (this coming Thursday), but he decided to hit the bottle and drive his car off the side of a road instead.


[Ryker], 38, was traveling on U.S. Highway 16, about 10 miles west of Custer, when his Hyundai Santa Fe left the road about 10:30 p.m., according to South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Shann Barrick.

The vehicle struck the rock wall on the right side of the road, rolled and then traveled down the hill on the left side of the road about 50 feet, Barrick said.

Alcohol was a factor in the accident, and [Ryker] was cited for driving under the influence, Barrick said.

[Ryker] was taken to Custer Regional Hospital with minor injuries, Barrick said.

That was back on April 10th, and this morning I spoke with Ryker’s manager, David Forest. Forest confirmed both the report and the speculation that Ryker would not be able to make this week’s Cocktails. If one DUI and some cuts and bruises doesn’t sound like a good enough excuse to cancel an appearance, that’s because this isn’t Ryker’s first DUI. It’s his third. This year.

According to Forest, Ryker is being held without bail, and will (hopefully) be sentenced to inpatient rehab for about six months, as opposed to prison.


Ryker will go to court next on May 17. He expects that he’ll be sent directly to an alcohol treatment program. After a few months, he’ll be able to leave each day for work. He should be out before Thanksgiving. He’s only going to miss the Micky’s appearance AND one in Detroit on May 13th. There were also some “private meetings” that we’ll have to try and re-schedule later this year. I think this is a “wake-up alarm” for Ken.

The Sword sincerely wishes Ken Ryker well, both in the treatment of his substance abuse and the rescheduling of his escorting clients.


23 thoughts on “Ken Ryker In Jail After Third DUI Arrest In South Dakota”

  1. Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Last night a very nice generous older gentleman gave us 70 euros ( = $100) for about 10 minutes of ‘work’ !!

  2. His problem is that he can’t do anything else. He took his “Year” off to prove he could. He didn’t make any money because he has no education and no one is thinking “Oooh – you have a monster cock, let me pay you 100k a year to be my secretary, oh wait you can’t type? Sorry” He got back into the business because it paid well. The fact that he’s a drunk is due to the fact that he has no self worth. “I get paid to top guys” – not exactly something you get paid to do forever, theres always another guy with a monster tool out there, and most homos are agist. Personally I like a mature guy but I’m different.

  3. Miss Helen Highwater

    Mrs. Patrick Campbell, there is not a whorehouse on the planet that would have ever employed your dried up hiney, even when you were young, many MANY years ago. Stop posing ol’ girl, and keep your skank ass on Datalounge where you belong, you trailer trash trollop!

  4. I love that his manager didn’t want him to do a scene for us because it would not be good for his reputation. I guess massive alcoholism and reckless endangerment is ok though.

  5. Wouldn’t walk across the street to see him. It’s only the 1st of May…..3DUI’s this year??????? Wow! He obviously cares about no one, not even about himself. What if he had have killed someone…….like maybe a family with chidren. What a BUTT!!

  6. Mrs Patrick Campbell

    We once worked for Madam Forest, years ago, as a young starlet. Miss F never tired of reminding us that we were not as young and beautiful as some of the other ladies working there, one of whom was the famous Miss Bob Paris.

  7. Fortunately for Mr. Ryker he was not seriously injured or killed in the accident. I certainly hope that he gets the help he needs to deal with his drinking problem. First and foremost amongst that should be a court order to have no association whatsoever with David Forest.

    This accident occurred on April 10, Forest continued to promote this event with Mr. Ryker for a while after that on several forums. Wonder if there will be any postings informing customers of the May 5 event that Mr. Ryker will not be appearing due to unforseen circumstances? (Won’t hold my breath on that one.)

    Let’s all hope and pray that Ken Ryker gets the treatment he needs, resolves the issues causing his problem, and ceases to associate with unsavory individuals who enable addictions.

    Good Luck Ken.

  8. Poor guy, getting back into the biz has made him fall of the wagon. Let’s hope Madam Forest let’s the guy recover properly.

  9. This asshole could kill someone with his drunkenness….hopefully only himself…and before anyone tells me to lighten up…kiss my ass!

  10. It’s obvious the man is gay. He thought the world of heterosexual could cure him of his “attractions” but instead it has driven him to the bottle.

    1. That’s EXACTLY what’s going on in his head! He needs to grow-up and admit he’s gay! My god, how hard could that be after screwing countless gay men throughout his life. Really??

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