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What Is The End Game For A “Kept Boy”?

A knockabout romantic comedy meets a soulful, sexual drama as a “Kept Boy” fears he’s approaching his expiration date for not being the twink boy-toy his man wants anymore.

“Kept Boy” is based on a book of the same name by Robert Rodi and marks the second feature film for director George Bamber that has been called darkly comic and slyly satirical.

Just added today, “Kept Boy” is the focus of this Qreel Tuesday.

kept boy gay indie filmSandwiched among this tale is plenty of shirtlessness courtesy of men who’ve spent plenty of time at the gym, and hot sex scene or two. The pool party scene at the beginning, while a necessary part of the story, is largely an excuse for the camera to slowly pan across a bevy of hot guys in various states of undress.

kept boy gay indie filmIn “Kept Boy”, Dennis (Jon Paul Phillips) has been with famed interior designer and reality TV star Farleigh Nock as his toy boy since he was a teen.

kept boy gay indie filmWith the viewership of Farleigh’s TV show down and money getting tight, Farleigh tells Dennis that he has to get a job to support himself. A disgruntled Dennis discovers that being a “Kept Boy” isn’t exactly a qualification that employers recognize even his local Starbucks.

kept boy gay indie filmFarleigh does manage the scape together the money to hire hunky pool boy Jasper (Greg Audino) who quickly advances to become Farleigh’s production assistant. As Dennis sees Jasper’s advancing into his territory at home, there is suddenly one boy too many. So which one is still there at the end?

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