kfc dick flash

Finger Lickin’ Good

One bloke took “dicking around” at the South London KFC as a mission statement.

The video is worth watching just for their reactions as if a seriously hot hunk pressing his extra value meal up against the glass alone isn’t worth your time. According to Gaiety, “The girls shield their eyes and blush, while the guy’s mentally compare his meat to theirs and then call for a manager.”

Whatever they ordered, what they got was all white meat. Maybe that’s why they called the manager.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is actually no stranger to controversy. If you never saw this salacious tweet from Aussie KFC that’s likley because it was “yanked” within an hour.

kfc dick flash

Of course, deleting a tweet never stops the comments ….

Maybe the poor bloke should visit a KFC in Prague – they clearly have a preference for both white meat and super-sizing. If Claude Sorel can take it, so can the KFC diners …

[Watch Joel Birkin and Jack Harrer Annihilate Claude Sorel’s Holes in “Offensively Large” at Belami]

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