King Bryce, Eli Shaw

King Byrce Sweats Up a Storm Demolishing a Bottom

I love me a wet scene, whether it’s body sweat dripping down muscles, spit sliding from a big cock and messy mouth to the floor, or ass juice that gets nice and caked during a hard fuck. And lucky us, we get all three in this scene!

King Bryce has one of those builds that I simply stare at in slack-jawed appreciation. His upper body is insane, and I want to just be thrown around by those huge arms and chest. The lucky bottom in the latest scene from CutlersDen is Eli Shaw, back for more after making his studio debut a few months ago getting stuffed by Lawrence Morningstar.

King Bryce, Eli Shaw King Bryce, Eli Shaw

Once again, Shaw has his cock locked up. How do you feel about locked cocks in porn? Does it add to the sub dynamic, or would you prefer to see a bottom’s cock floppin’ around as he gets fucked? The action gets started with some great oral work, with Eli’s mouth and the King’s cock having big strands of spit connecting them as the sucker comes up for air.

King Bryce, Eli Shaw King Bryce, Eli Shaw

It also includes some hot face fucking, and then Bryce buries his bearded chin in the sub’s hole to munch on him. Eli then gets pounded on his back before sitting down on the top’s cock, but my favorite fuck positions with King Bryce always come when he pins a bottom to the bed from behind with his big cock and bod (a visual that really accentuates his amazing build).

King Bryce, Eli Shaw King Bryce, Eli Shaw

By the end, the top’s bod is soaked in sweat before he lets out his load. Do you drip this much when you fuck?

See the full scene at CutlersDen!

6 thoughts on “King Byrce Sweats Up a Storm Demolishing a Bottom”

  1. Cutler makes some of the hottest porn! I’d like to see the bottom in a group, he would be hot to pass around :)

  2. Those stupid cock-locks are not even the teensiest bit of a turn-on. Whoever invented them should have his gay card revoked. Those things had better not become a porn craze!

    1. I think you should start a “nothing allowed in porn that andy powell doesn’t like’ referendum and then have everyone vote on it, you blooming genius, you.

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