kris evans fucks roald ekberg

Praise The Lord: We’re Not Done “Loving Kris Evans” Yet

Bless BelAmi and their film vault. They’ve been holding this one back and now, the time has cum. Kris Evans fucking Roald Ekberg is more than worth the wait.

Last spring, BelAmi marked the retirement of gay porn legend and living human G-d Kris Evans in a month-long online love letter to one of their biggest stars ever.

From the three-way with Kris, Jack Harrer, and Vadim Farrell, to his muscle off with Zac DeHaan, and finally to Kris and Zac turning Julien Hussey into Julien the hussy, a month wasn’t long enough to properly say goodbye.

kris evans fucks roald ekbergAnd while we’re still not ready to say, “Ahoj” for good … this sure helps ease the pain. Not that Roland Ekberg is pretty close to perfection himself, the two of them together will together take away your breath right along with your load.

kris evans fucks roald ekbergThey write, “It is a special treat today as we bring Kris Evans back into the schedule in this scene with Roald Ekberg. DVD collectors will remember the scene from ‘Loving Kris’, although, for the rest of us, it is a new one. There is a nice contrast here between the swarthy beauty of Kris and Roald’s blonds handsomeness, and of course, with these two favorite performers, there is a lot to look forward to.”

kris evans fucks roald ekbergA lot to look forward to indeed.

kris evans fucks roald ekbergFor this, I have no words that can top this visual that speaks for itself.

kris evans fucks roald ekbergAfter fucking the cum right out of Roald, Kris creams his hole, then loads it home. This may be the very last of it’s kind. But the era of Kris Evans and BelAmi went out on a high note. Kris, thank you. It’s sure been a blast.

[Watch Roald & Kris in “Loving Kris” the Bonus Collector’s Scene at BelAmi]


4 thoughts on “Praise The Lord: We’re Not Done “Loving Kris Evans” Yet”

  1. Didn’t he retire for his own safety? Didn’t he retire because he didn’t to be seen in porn for fear of jeopardizing his career? Why does BA continue to release content on this guy they care so much about and want to protect? $$$

  2. Kris has been and always will be my very favorite porn star. When I heard he retired I was heartbroken. He was the only reason I got me an account on Bel Ami. I’m glad they had this gem and a part of me hope there is more they havent given us yet.

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