gay porn goldilocks

Golden-Locks Meats The Three Bears

This ain’t the stories we heard as kids. But these versions are much more appropriate for bedtime. And here’s the latest continues to “gay-porn-afy” our childhoods with part three of “Hairy Tales”.

Most notably, we finally have some actual hair making its first appearance.

Today, Colton Grey and his golden locks become the porridge that Dirk Caber, Derek Bolt, and Marc Giacomo make a meal out of.

gay porn goldilocksAs in the original, the “climax” of the tale is reached when the bears return home. Unlike the original, this version has four climaxes.

gay porn goldilocks

And not one gets much sleep in that bed after the question, “Whose been jerking off in our kitchen?” gets answered.

[Watch Colton Grey, Dirk Caber, Derek Bolt, & Marc Giacomo in “Hairy Tales” part three]

Yesterday’s “Hairy Tales” does, in fact, take place in woods. Well, Arad takes his place in Wesley Woods and Will Braun.

kurtis wolfe arad winwin men dot comWith their legs, at least we have some hair today. Wesley and Will have tailored Arad with a form-fitting suit out of magical invisible fabric. Wouldn’t you know it? It doesn’t quite fit.

kurtis wolfe arad winwin men dot com

However, when it comes to Arad fitting his cock down the throats and up the asses of Will and Wesley, just like the actual sex in the scene, it’s on point.

[Watch Will Braun, Wesley Woods, & Arad Winwin in “Hairy Tales” part two]

Once upon a time

kurtis wolfe arad winwin men dot comFairy tales to “Hairy Tales”. Ok, that works. But I do think it would work even better if any of the men of “Hairy Tales” actually had some hair. Fortunately, there’s no red cape either. We’ll call it a wash.

kurtis wolfe arad winwin men dot com

The first scene went up yesterday with Luke Adams living up to the name of “Red Rides”. He encounters Big Bad “What A Big Cock You Have” Kurtis Wolfe. One thing is for sure, Kurtis hasn’t forgotten how to fuck a tail.

[Watch Luke Adams & Kurtis Wolfe in “Hairy Tales” part one]


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  1. Ok am I the only one who still wonders how Luke Adams has a career in porn?! I mean not to be an asshole but he’s not that attractive.

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