kyle kash and jj knight

JJ Knight Is Kashing In

One of Kyle Kash’s biggest turn-ons is a big dick. Dicks don’t come much bigger than JJ Knight’s and scenes don’t get much hotter than this one from “Between The Sheets”. It’s one of those. Unzip right now.

I would say that Kyle Kash and JJ Knight are playing reunited lovers today, but it doesn’t seem like they had to try very hard to give that vibe. It’s called chemistry. We saw a prime example of the realized sexual possibilities last week with Sean Zevran and Zander Cole in the first scene and we see it again today. Just about everything we see today is like the casting: perfect.

kyle kash and jj knight
We have already seen parts one and two. Just the name Kyle Kash makes this #HotAssFriday part three. It’s been far too long since we have seen Kyle and he is looking f-i-n-e fine. With that brand new haircut, JJ Knight’s northern head might even get some eyeballs today too. But this ain’t GQ: Kyle lavishes his attention exactly where it belongs and in return, so does JJ.

kyle kash and jj knight
Just imagine looking down and seeing those eyes peering back at you with your dick in the middle.? Though seeing JJ’s prime piece occupying that space is more than enough to accomplish the same end goal. But we’re getting “a head” of ourselves here.

kyle kash and jj knight
Next, JJ decides to do a little feasting of his own. I am not sure which one of them is luckier here. Bastards.

kyle kash and jj knight
Riding, missionary, then into doggie until JJ fucks a big, high-flying load out of Kyle. Then Kyle dives between JJ’s legs and licks his balls as he shoots a load that matches his dick: oversized. And from the look on Kyle’s face as he licks and kisses his way home, pretty tasty too.

[Kyle Kash & JJ Knight in “Between The Sheets” at Falcon]

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