Kyle Kash & Derek Bolt Get The Ultimate Double Kross

Two very different scenes with one common thread: neither Kyle Kash or Derek Bolt can get their holes filled by Sebastian Kross fast enough.

Today is a showcase of the chiseled perfection of Falcon Studios Group Sebastian Kross as he shows how the identical combination of a dominating top and a big dick loving hungry bottom takes us to the same place on two very different, but intensely sexy paths.

We begin with “Ultra Sex”, the new DVD from Falcon, featuring Sebastian Kross and Derek Bolt.

boltcross1“Ultra Sex” has a high-tech feel with the shiny surfaces and bright light. It’s not unlike a glimpse of what fucking aboard a spaceship might be like. Should it prove to be anything like this, sign us all up.

boltcross2Bright light leaves no where for physical imperfections to hide. Any that Sebastian Kross and Derek Bolt may have, don’t matter. What they do have is chemistry. You don’t see Sebastian Kross sucking dick very often.

boltcross3The harder Sebastian relentlessly pounds him, the more Derek torques his body to get even more. The fact Derek has five inches in height on Sebastian brings his total surrender into perspective, right down to swallowing almost every drop of Sebastian’s load.

[Watch Derek Bolt & Sebastian Kross in “Ultra Sex”]

Next, we have Sebastian with one of The Sword’s favorites sons, Kyle Kash, in the second scene from “Cruising Grounds” from Hot House.

kyle kash sebastian krossIn sharp visual contrast to the first scene, the look and feel of “Cruising Grounds” is reflected in the dark and brooding demeanor Sebastian has here. He could only be brooding about one thing with Kyle Kash’s golden ass in the equation: that he couldn’t start balls deep all the way inside from jump street.

kyle kash sebastian krossHot as that sounds, it would have deprived him of the oral mastery of Kyle Kash. He sucks a dick like he’s cataloging every inch so he can still see it when it’s pummeling inside. The tongue fucking he gives Kyle only makes both hungrier for the real thing.

kyle kash sebastian kross
Kyle lowers himself onto Sebastian’s cock in one steady push and immediately starts rocking up and down, the sound of their colliding flesh like thunder from a tropical storm. From doggie next to onto his back, Kyle spews his load first. Sebastian stands over Kyle’s face and showers him with his nut before Kyle snaps up and licks the last few drops right from the source.

[Watch Kyle Kash & Sebastian Kross in “Cruising Grounds”]

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