Lane Colten, Evan Knoxx

Lane Colten & Evan Knoxx: One of the Year’s Best Pairings

It’s official: I’m a Lane Colten stan. This handsome man made his debut this year, and every time I see him in a scene I appreciate him more and more. That gorgeous face, that lean and tight bod, that big and beautiful dick…plus a commitment to his performance level that is obvious in everything he does.

I feel like Lane comes across a little quieter, but we’re starting to see more of his personality shine through—and I can appreciate a more understated demeanor when it’s backed up by all of the passion he brings in front of the camera. Plus, he’s one of those truly versatile performers who looks equally comfortable topping and bottoming (case in point, his two recent amazing threeways: with Mitch Mathews and Adrian Duvall for GuysinSweatpants, and with Isaac X and Michael Roman for Next Door).

Lane Colten, Evan Knoxx Lane Colten, Evan Knoxx

Lane Colten, Evan Knoxx Lane Colten, Evan Knoxx

Lane was also fantastic when he topped Daniel Evans in January, and fittingly he now gets paired with Daniel’s BF Evan Knoxx, another one of the industry’s most versatile performers. The results are, as expected, heaven. There are so many gorgeous visuals here, starting with the two kissing as they jack each other off. They trade sucks on each other’s big dicks, and Lane looks like he truly loves taking his time as he eats out Evan (that chin scruff has to feel amazing!).

Lane Colten, Evan Knoxx Lane Colten, Evan Knoxx

Lane Colten, Evan Knoxx Lane Colten, Evan Knoxx

Then we get some great fucking, most of it with Lane on top (Evan dishes out a brief doggy fuck on the cutie). Again, there are so many little moments that stand out, with both of them hard as a rock throughout. My favorite shot has Evan sitting down on Lane, the bottom’s big boner slamming against the top’s stomach. We also see Lane jacking off the bottom as he fucks him in a few positions, his sexy voice encouraging Evan throughout. Just a pure and simple scene with two hot guys who are into each other putting on a great show, and with two hot squirts (and a messy facial on Evan) to close it out.

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


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