Laugh & The World Laughs With You …

There hasn’t been much to laugh about lately. Tina Fey has changed that.

Tina Fey is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

Her take on the events of Charlottesville, Hair Furor, and what to do now really is must see TV.

“… I would urge people this Saturday, instead of participating in these screaming matches and potential violence, find a local business that you support, maybe a Jewish-run bakery, or an African-American-run bakery. Order a cake with the American flag on it like this one, and just eat it, Colin.”

“Who drove the car into the crowd — Hillary’s emails?”

“I hope the neo-nazis do try and march in NYC at Washington Square Park … and get the ham salad kicked out of them by a bunch of drag queens …’cause you know what a drag queen still is? A 6’4″ black man.” ~Tina Few

And now, back to our regularly scheduled pornography.

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