Jeffrey Lloyd, Leo Bacchus

Leo Bacchus Shows Us (Again) Why He’s One of the Best Bottoms in the Biz

God damn…I am still catching my breath from seeing Leo Bacchus completely submit to Sir Peter in one of the best dom/sub scenes we’ve seen this year, and now Leo is paired with another big dick top for yet another great scene. Turns out, Leo’s presence makes any scene a must-see, and he has fast risen to become one of my favorite performers working today.

The same can be said of Jeffrey Lloyd, the hung Czech who is equally amazing on bottom or top. Here he’s all top, and Leo—who is also gloriously versatile—is all bottom. And these two are so fucking amazing together that I’m giddy.

Jeffrey Lloyd, Leo Bacchus Jeffrey Lloyd, Leo Bacchus

From the very beginning, we get a simple but erotic visual: Jeffrey massaging his bud, the top’s huge cock rock hard and grazing Leo’s furry leg as he rubs him. They soon combust, including a suck swap and Jeffrey munching Leo’s furry hole in a few positions, including one where we get a shot of Leo’s big boner, and another with the bottom bending his hot bod up and over as Jeffrey spits down in his hole from above (such a hot visual).

Jeffrey Lloyd, Leo Bacchus Jeffrey Lloyd, Leo Bacchus

Then we get Jeffrey ramming his big and girthy cock all the way into Leo’s hole, the bottom moaning like crazy as he takes it. I’m not sure how it all fits; Jeffrey’s cock is so thick, especially at the base, and looks tasty in every shot. The sequence with Leo getting fucked on his back (that body!), or the sit-down fuck…every single second is glorious.

Jeffrey Lloyd, Leo Bacchus Jeffrey Lloyd, Leo Bacchus

The two have amazing chemistry together—the passionate kissing during the spoon fuck is intense (you get a glimpse of it in the trailer below), and I love the mid-air doggy fuck with the camera planted below Leo, looking up as his hard cock as he looks back at Jeffrey. Their two foreheads constantly touch each other, kisses peppered throughout.

Jeffrey Lloyd, Leo Bacchus Jeffrey Lloyd, Leo Bacchus

I would love to see Raging Stallion get a hold of this Lebanese-born Adonis—he would fit in perfectly. He’s simply amazing to watch, and I can’t wait to see what (and who!) he does next.

See the full scene at Lucas Entertainment!


5 thoughts on “Leo Bacchus Shows Us (Again) Why He’s One of the Best Bottoms in the Biz”

  1. Tattoos do nothing for me but where he has his leg in the air being fucked hot. A naturally hairy guy having a dick going in his ass. You can keep these guys that shave these two guys are hot .

  2. Some of the best bottoms in the biz are: Ruslan Angelo, Bastian Karim, Allen King, Dean Young, Devin Franco, Skyy Knox, Lex Vargas, Austin Avery, Vlad Stark, Dylan Hayes, Beaux Banks, Avery Jones, Theo Brady, Jesse Stone, Alam Wernik, Benjamin Blue, Felix Fox, Rourke, Jim Fit, Joey Mills to name a few.

    1. if you bothered to read more than the first sentence, then you would have read that this article is about Leo and Jeffrey Lloyd.

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