Roman Todd, Leo Grand

Leo Grand to Roman Todd: ‘I Want You To Destroy My Throat’

What are your thoughts on Roman Todd? Leo Grand offers this observation: “I mean…have you seen Roman Todd? He is really gorgeous to look at, his body is amazing, he’s a really sweet guy just all around.” True story. (But you forgot to mention his sexy voice, Leo!)

At Camp CockyBoys, the two put on a very verbal show. “I love sucking your dick,” coos Leo as he whips the shaft on his cute face. “It’s the most perfect cock.” (“Yeah, that’s your fucking dick,” Roman answers in his tough guy swagger talk).

Roman Todd, Leo Grand Roman Todd, Leo Grand

But Leo has another request: “I want you to destroy my throat.” Leo lays back with his head over the edge of the bed and gets his face fucked (“Yeah, take that fucking cock, baby!”) as Roman’s grabs the sub’s big boner, even sucking it (aww, he’s an alpha that gives back!). Strong Roman then lifts Leo up as they 69 mid air  (so hot!), Roman munching on Leo’s hole.

Roman Todd, Leo Grand Roman Todd, Leo Grand

Leo isn’t done with his bossy bottom commands, moaning “Rip me open!” as Roman pins his hole to the bed with his cock. “You wanna be my little fucking slut?” (Dear God when Roman talks like this, I jizz instantly!). I also love watching Roman’s arms as he holds up his jock bod over the bottom.

Roman Todd, Leo Grand

Roman then plunge fucks him from above (which gives us a great look at his abs!) before Leo sits down on the alpha’s cock, the bottom’s own big boner grazing Roman’s stomach.  Leo shoots his load over the stud, then opens his mouth to catch Roman’s thick load. I love these dirty talkers!

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


3 thoughts on “Leo Grand to Roman Todd: ‘I Want You To Destroy My Throat’”

  1. I think the twink is beautiful, and he’s a perfect fuck toy — but he shouldn’t be allowed to talk….

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