Leo Louis’ Dick Is Almost Two Big for This Cramped Limo

Why does Men.com want to put Leo Louis in these tight spaces for sex? We just saw him squeezed between a kitchen island and some appliances as sexy hung bottom Leo Bacchus rode his big cock, and now he finds himself in the back of a limo. That girthy dick needs some room to breathe!

That was part of the same series (“Beaux Are Hoes“), which has also served as Enzo Muller‘s Men.com debut. The newcomer made his studio debut at TheBroNetwork (including a very cramped scene getting fucked by Clark Delgaty), then bent over for Malik Delgaty a few weeks ago in this series—the two fooling around with their prom dates’ brother and dad before finally heading to the dance with their dates (so yes, we get TWO annoying women in this scene…ugh).

Leo Louis Leo Louis, Enzo Muller

Leo Louis, Enzo Muller

While revving it up in the back of the limo, the two dudes take their uncut cocks out…and eventfully the chicks leave (yay!). Enzo soon opens his lips very wide as he sucks on Leo’s shaft (that thick cock is so beautiful!), then gets his hole rimmed before Leo stuffs his dick inside, fucking the bottom on his back in the backseat. The top squirts on Enzo’s hole before stuffing his dick back in before the bottom unloads.

Leo Louis, Enzo Muller Leo Louis, Enzo Muller

Leo Louis, Enzo Muller

Their clothes stay on for a little bit, which further crowds this tightly framed scene. Have you ever had sex in the back of  car? And do cramped settings annoy you when watching porn?

See the full scene at Men.com!


4 thoughts on “Leo Louis’ Dick Is Almost Two Big for This Cramped Limo”

  1. I unsubscribed from Men months ago and still haven’t seen a reason to return. In the not-too-distant past, there were porn scenes like this with scripts in which the boys got together after the prom and fucked, but they didn’t insult the women as the photo outtakes here suggest. Porn has been going south for the past 15+ years, and I don’t see any new or current directors saving it. Plus, the proliferation of those hideous tattoos has ruined more models’ bodies than I can count. Gay porn is in a sad state of affairs.

  2. This scene shows terrible contempt for women. Shame on Men.com; shame on the performers accepting to play it.

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