liam know fucks lorenzo flexx

Liam Knox Gets Lorenzo Flexx In A Hairy Situation

Just goes to show you. When your job is like that of Liam & Lorenzo’s and charged with is keeping the lights, electricity cums in many forms. And on many places.

“Big Brother” from TitanMen reaches it’s conclusion today proving the need for a strong, muscular shoulder doesn’t just happen in the bedroom.

Sometimes it happens on the job site.

And for Liam Knox and Lorenzo Flexx today, the job site becomes the bedroom.

liam know fucks lorenzo flexxDirector Jasun Mark shared with The Sword that this scene was filmed in a very narrow alleyway. After Lorenzo, Liam, the equipment, and the cameras were in place, there was no room for Jasun. So how did it turn out to be such a hot scene with Jasun relegated to yelling directions through a hedge? One word, Jasun says: “chemistry.”

liam know fucks lorenzo flexxElectrician Liam Knox gives apprentice Lorenzo Flexx some pointers at the switch box. “I really enjoy working with you,” says Lorenzo, staring intently at him. Suddenly, Lorenzo’s mouth unable to say another word.

liam know fucks lorenzo flexxThere might not have been a lot of side-to-side maneuvering room in the alley, but when it came to Lorenzo’s alley, it was all about the in and out.

liam know fucks lorenzo flexxWith the AC unit repurposed into a perch to fuck on, Lorenzo pounds a load out of Lorenzo then tops it off with a final gusher. No need to ever wonder where“Big Brother” will always be cumming home.

[Watch Lorenzo & Liam in “Big Brother” scene four]

Where’s the craziest outdoor place you have ever fucked around in?

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