liam knox fucks steve roman

Liam Knox & Steve Roman in “Cock Work Orange “

Big, beefy Steve Roman makes his gay porn debut on the business end of Liam Knox’s big, beefy dick.

A swap meet is a gathering of enthusiasts or collectors to trade or exchange items of common interest.

However, when TitanMen unleashed their beasts, there’s no surprise it morphed into a swap meat.

And in reality, it’s also a protein swap as well.

Aside from big meat, one of the things the TitanMen crew is enthusiastic about is Kelly Clarkson.

Director Jasun Mark channels his inner James Corden along with TitanMen exclusives Jesse Jackman and Liam Knox along with Steve Roman, fresh from having Liam pluck his camera cherry.

In addition to Liam, “Swap” also features fellow exclusives Matthew Bosch and Hunter Marx along with Adam Ramzi, Tex Davidson, Adam Thicke, and a newly bearded Luke Adams.

[Watch “Swap” at TitanMen]

We looked at the first scene with Adam Ramzi and Matthew Bosch in our Big, Burly Friday rundown.

liam knox fucks steve romanToday, it’s Liam Knox and newcomer Steve Roman who get dangerous when wet.

liam knox fucks steve romanLet the “Swap” meat begin.

liam knox fucks steve romanAnd while it seems like we just saw Liam Knox in his first scene, that doesn’t mean he took things slow with Steve. As you can see, he was more like a jackrabbit on a caffeine diet. Bottoms up.

[Watch Steve & Liam in “Swap” scene two]

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