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The Pool Filter Ain’t The Only Thing That’s Fucked

Ginger Jack Vidra and humpy Liam Knox don’t make any progress on the filtration system. But they have no problem finding out what to do with their own hoses in the meantime.

Jack Vidra never got around to providing the “Pool Service” to TitanMen exclusive Matthew Bosch needed when a flip fuck seemed to be a better use of his skills.

Today, Matthew’s husband, fellow exclusive Liam Knox, had repairing that damn pool filter on his “honey do” list. But once Jack showed up, he discovered just what kind of serviceman Jack is. The pool could wait. But they couldn’t.

liam knox jack vidra flip fuck titanmenOnce again, this third scene from “Pool Service” by TitanMen is a visual stunner with the technicolor combination of the crystal blue water, Liam’s dark fur, and Jack’s fire crotch. To say nothing of their libido. Both of our men love to give and receive. And there’s plenty of both today.

liam knox jack vidra flip fuck titanmenLiam drops his towel, his bone making Jack lick his chops while he falls to his knees. A pole and hole feast ensues until Liam’s slicked up and ready.

liam knox jack vidra flip fuck titanmenHooking one leg over Jack’s shoulder, Liam’s swollen cock bounces on his furry stomach as Jack takes him for a ride.

liam knox jack vidra flip fuck titanmenThey flip, Liam mounts Jack as Jack spreads his legs wide to work in every inch. As Liam picks up speed, Jack’s sack starts to tighten. Then needing to nut, Jack does the mounting this time. He climbs on top of Liam’s cock and rides himself home, spraying his nut all over Liam. Then Liam lets loose his load – but look fast before Jack slurps it up.

Then Jack’s phone rings: looks like someone else is in need of “Pool Service”. All in a hard day’s work, right?

[Watch Liam and Jack in “Pool Service” scene three at TitanMen]

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