Watch: Porn Stars Fuck Live On Stage During Grabbys Europe Party

Were you not able to make it all the way out to Torremolinos for the 2023 edition of Grabbys Europe? Did you also miss out on the massive Grabb All Stars Afterparty sponsored by Falcon | NakedSword? If so, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered.

Earlier today, the official Twitter account for “the Netflix of gay porn” gave fans from all around the world the chance to catch up on all the action they missed from Saturday’s party by sharing out a minute-long clip of the event’s live sex show. In the steamy vid, porn stars like Oskar Ivan, Apolo Adrii, Justin Jett, John Brachalli, and Giuspel can all be seen fucking and sucking on stage in front of a live audience while dressed up to resemble some horny Roman hunks. Take a look below:

Let us know what you think of this hot public sex clip down in the comments and if you want to see even more from this year’s Grabbys Europe, click here to check out the full winner’s list and head here to check out some winner’s reactions to their big wins.


9 thoughts on “Watch: Porn Stars Fuck Live On Stage During Grabbys Europe Party”

  1. As a Porn Actor and Award Nominated Director, we were in the VIP area. Some of the models on stage have been fantastic on my site RawRoadNation..
    And they put on one hell of a show after the Grabby Awards
    Marc McAulay XXX

  2. It’s an incredible idea and an opportunity to get closer to those hard cocks.

    Is there another party like this?

  3. Wellll, tacky I suppose, but sexy and “mad” nonetheless. Two things: I was amazed that the fucking pair were actually “keeping beat” with the music (LOL!). And, VERY briefly, you could see a woman at the edge of the stage, “observing,” or perhaps wishing she was up there getting railed by those studs??? LOL.

  4. I find this type of stuff to be so damn cringey and creepy. Watching people fuck live in front of a crowd. This is absolutely weird and a turn off.

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