Logan McCree Also Fucked David Benjamin, Got Sounded While He Was Here

Logan McCree’s first mainstream porn scene after a five-year retirement just got released a month ago, and in it the tattooed German wonderslut got pounded by none other than Boomer Banks.

That was shot for Raging Stallion back in the spring, when Logan flew to the states for IML in Chicago and took a side trip to Vegas.

But he also shot three other scenes for Fetish Force/Fisting Central, one of which is just a “rough sex” scene with David Benjamin, out this week. But he shot three scenes in total, the other two of which are a lot raunchier/fetish-y-er — and the first one was released several months back.

As you can see, David gets the hard fuck of his sweaty dreams from Logan over a table.





Just a couple weeks ago, another scene from this same movie, Permission, came out in which big daddy Hugh Hunter subjected Logan to a bunch of shit, including a bunch of candlewax on his chest, and sounding. And if there’s anything I just can’t get enough of watching, it’s sounding! (Not.)

Logan is super fucking into it, though.







And, in case you missed it (I did!), Logan was also in Scene 1 of Permission, in which David Benjamin got to be the dom fetish top, sticking an anal dilator in Logan’s hole, and pouring a beer in there, and then sucking it up as it poured back out. Logan says it was non-alcoholic beer, of course.


[Fisting Central: Permission, Scene 1]
[Fisting Central: Permission, Scene 4]
[Fisting Central: Permission, Scene 5]


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