Logan McCree Makes His Triumphant Return To Raging Stallion Getting a Deep Dicking From Boomer Banks

It’s been about six months since we heard the good news that tattooed wunderkind Logan McCree was making a big comeback at Raging Stallion, shooting a scene with Boomer Banks after taking a five-year hiatus in Germany and Scotland. Now we get the result.

Logan left porn at what was basically the height of his career, after appearing in a dozen titles for Raging Stallion between 2008 and 2010 including some that were tailor-made for him, including The Drifter and Ink Storm.

The bisexual stud then shacked up with a lady in Scotland, where he proceeded to build himself a little house and remain semi-active on Twitter. A breakup and a subsequent car accident left him, I guess, seeking some of the old attention he got as a gay porn star. And earlier this year he ramped up his Twitter presence, flew stateside for IML in May, and then got flown to Las Vegas for the shoot you see below, Scene 1 from Dick Moves.

The movie’s also, as we saw the other day, the Raging Stallion debut of new exclusive Bravo Delta.

But for now, we have the opening, in which versatile Logan takes one of the biggest dicks of his life. Although maybe not. They make ’em pretty big in Germany.

The only thing is… they made Logan keep his shirt on! All those tattoos, hidden, while he’s getting fucked!


Maybe he wanted to keep it on?

Anyway… you’ll see.















[Raging Stallion: Dick Moves, Scene 1]

6 thoughts on “Logan McCree Makes His Triumphant Return To Raging Stallion Getting a Deep Dicking From Boomer Banks”

  1. Boomer. Really? Gross. What a waste. Stop fucking posting shit about him it is not worth talking or filming. Nasty as fuck. Poor Logan Shame to be brought back only to get fucked by that piece of shit


  2. Now I know Logan has great tat’s but you wouldn’t want them to steal the show now, would you?
    BTW we have BIG DICKS here in Scotland too and Logan knows this well!
    Great scene.

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