Look At All The Cute Hats in Kevin Crows’ Garage

A photo shoot in one of my new favorite porn star’s garages reveals a charming baseball cap collection, a bunch of old junk, a throbbing hard cock, and a bicycle. It’s like Lurid Digs, only the naked man is actually hot.

Kevin Crows continues to be a source of inspiration/masturbation, as this week he’s posted (via Queer Me Now) a new photo set to his blog, appropriately titled “Nice Ride,” proving that porn stars are just like us! They have a lot of useless crap in their garages.

[Kevin Crows: Nice Ride]

Because I could look at Kevin Crows’ dick all day, let’s keep looking at Kevin Crows’ dick. A massage/fuck scene on Rub Him:

[Rub Him]

And, a new solo on Next Door Male:

Thank you, Kevin Crows.
[Next Door Male]



11 thoughts on “Look At All The Cute Hats in Kevin Crows’ Garage”

  1. You are so HOT! Great body and great cock! Very easy on the eyes, I could look at your naked body all day! Keep up the good work and keep showing us that sweet hard Cock!

  2. Can someone please let me know what does his TATTOO mean?
    @ Ty, Jaded much! Kevin crows is a good looking G4P guy.

  3. Kevin, you are an awesome performer. Your cum shots are amazing. Do you hold off sex to get those cum shots? I know this might be a dumb question but are you straight, gay or bi? It doesn’t matter but your ass is so HOT!!!!!

  4. I am pretty sure that the scene with Bo Dean on that Cocky Boys movie “It Hurts So good” was shot in that same garage…. I mean not that I jerk off to Bo Dean or anything…

  5. Haha!! Actually it’s not garage but I will tell you the guy who let us shoot there is in his 60’s and did porn too once!

    Thanks for watching, it’s the fuel to my fire lol!


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