Look At All These Hookers At The Hookies

Last night at the 2011 International Escort Awards–more fondly (and accurately) known as “The Hookies”–Rafael Alencar pissed in an audience member’s mouth, trannies got drunk, and your favorite (or least favorite!) gay porn star escorts won awards. Highlights and a partial list of winners below.

Partial list because, hello, these are hooker awards, not the Academy Awards. The Rentboy blog says they’ll publish a full list on Monday. For now, I’ve culled a list from all the hookers announcing their wins on Twitter. (Follow me on Twitter, btw.) The ceremony was held at Roseland Ballroom and preceded a weekend of debauchery in NYC, including Saturday night/Sunday morning/Sunday afternoon’s Black Party, where gay men from all over the world dance, do drugs, cum on/in each other, and shit on each other for 12 hours straight. Hooray.

Anyways! Back to the Hookies. The list:

Best Porn Star Escort: Samuel Colt
Best Boyfriend Fantasy: Jayden Grey
Best Newcomer: Logan Stevens (Yes!)
Best International Escort: Rafael Alencar
Best Tattoos: Alessio Romero
Biggest Cock: Ben Andrews

And here are photos, all via Christian (if you couldn’t tell from the watermark). Alessio Romero, Shane Frost, Ace Rockwood, and Drew Cutler:

Barrett Long looking like a twink; Chase Hunter:

Chi Chi LaRue DJ’ing with her lucky flashlight, making out with mr. Pam, and making out with Rafael Alencar:

It’s everybody! Arpad Miklos, Gio, Adam Killian, Rafael Alencar, Spencer Reed, Ace Rockwood, Phillip Aubrey, mr. Pam, Drew Cutler, Shane Frost:

Errrybody again, but swap out mr. Pam with show hostess Leslie Jordan:

The face of an angel; Jayden Grey celebrates his Best Boyfriend Fantasy win, and I am proud of him!

Best Newcomer Logan Stevens draped with a hot person; real life boyfriend fantasy Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey share some laffs:

Michael Lucas took the night off from hating Muslims to join Biggest Cock winner Ben Andrews:

Well OK! Michael Musto digs for gossip from Best Porn Star Escort Samuel Colt:

BFFs mr. Pam and Rafael Alencar double team an inflatable sheep:

Rafael also gave a live performance on stage in which, I’m told, he urinated in a willing audience member’s mouth. Fun! But how does a little broom clean up pee?

Chris Porter and Samuel Colt. Who is watching their dogs?!

The end.

22 thoughts on “Look At All These Hookers At The Hookies”

  1. Lol,political correct or not…legal or not….
    I do love it.
    Rather than dirty priests.
    More hot escorts in the world would make a happy/day.
    Thanks for this awards

  2. I’m not anti-prostitution by any means. but how do they get away with celebrating this with an award ceremony if it’s illeegal? Or is it actually legal? :3

  3. I shot these. Thanks for the big ole post and thanks for the credit and the link!

    I had a blast. The boys were all so nice and Mr. Pam is a riot. I love that girl.


    1. yay! Thanks NakedSword! And Christian for his amazing photos! What a fun night, celebration of sexual freedom – sex feels good, let’s celebrate! Big props to Rentboy and Black Party for all their work to organize the event, it was a blast. And HUGE thank you to all the hot boys who came with me on stage and did dirty things. I love you boys!

      big hugs & porno kisses from nyc…
      mr. Pam

  4. Looks like a fun celebration of gay sex and porn. With all the bad stuff happening worldwide I’d say it’s a very nice distraction.

  5. I wish the people who post their comments here were more relaxed about it. It sounds so mean towards the escorts. They r here in this awards to have fun,and me too. So let’s all be nice to each other and have fun.
    I do hire escorts a lot and if they were not around… I’d be very upset.
    Thanks for this fun award.
    Wic (Germany)

  6. Oh how I would love Chase Hunter to take on the Falcon Chad Douglas big-dick “daddy” or “dirty uncle” role to the twinky, Jason Pitt, for example. Or to those BelAmi boys.
    In the 80’s things would have been done right.

  7. Wow, it’s funny to see Barrett Long. He has virtually disappeared from the scene. His site xxxamateurhour.com seems to have gone belly-up. Too bad, it was some really good amateur porn. I hope he returns to porn at some point.

  8. I never said I was anti-whore. All I suggested about myself was that I was anti-Oscar-style-award-shows-for-whores. I believe the idea is pretty stupid, and it plays into the hands of people who attempt to use the political process to denigrate folks of the gay persuasion–never hand your opponent loaded ammo clips to fire against you.

    1. Your political opponents are going to go after you whether you affect an air of middle-class normalcy or get your naughties out where everyone else can see. Sorry, that’s the fact of the matter.

    2. I am more curious as to who determines who the “best” whore is? Who are the judges? Did they “hire” every nominee to try them out? And what criteria does one use to determine what makes a good whore?
      Listen, I don’t buy the political commentary here (I shall never advice anybody to do or not do things in order to please or appease anybody else … live your life the way you want!) but I also find this particular award ceremony a bit strange and silly. Not in a morally wrong kind of way (I find escorting and hiring escorts strange and demeaning for both parties but that’s just me and it is no skin off my back what everyone does) but it is still, you know, not quite legal, isn’t it?
      As the other “porn awards” I think it is just another excuse for a big slightly slutty and very drunk party for people who are almost always either terrible insecure or very narcissistic and will get a kick out of it.
      I will make fun along with you but my advice: don’t get terribly upset. And if your local Republican candidate or preacher complains about the Hookies to you, ask him how in hell he heard of them in the first place.

  9. I will take the worlds “oldest profession” over the most “dishonorable” one any day. What do you get from politico’s? They lie,thieve,demand a 1000 bucks a pop then more cash for private meetings and what do you get?
    Promises,promises which they fail to deliver every time!

    At least a good hooker gets you off..the politician turns you off!

    Yay for the Hookies and Hookers everywhere!

  10. On one hand, it’s really rather funny that there is an awards show for prostitutes…on the other hand, it’s revolting that there is an awards show for prostitutes. It makes one wonder what does it say about us as a society that we have something like this. I’m all for making a dollar or two in Life, but sometimes, you just have to cringe and go “eww”.

    1. I think, compared to some of the truly crooked paths to cash out there (like, say, politics or GLBT magazine publishing *ahem*), prostitution is pretty harmless. It’s a pretty universal practice – people have been trading items of worth for sex since the idea that certain items had worth came about – might as well get over it.

  11. Ben Andrews is looking better than ever. He needs to bring that pretty face back to work on film. (My first boy-porn crush. Seriously.) I love how Logan Stevens always looks slightly embarrassed/slightly amused at things like this. Rafael & Pam continue to be a delight. All the West-Coast muscle & tattoo fellows representing for Team Jockstrap look yummy as usual. And is Michael Lucas’ botox & filler looking more natural these days?

    OK. That’s enough squee from me.

  12. Ben Andrews is looking good here. Wished he had bottomed at least once before he “retired”.
    Surprised he is posing with Lucas (who is not duck-pouting!!!!) … I had assumed Andrews’ disappearance from on-screen work was yet another fall-out with Lucas (remember Bruce Beckham? Yum!). Guess he is just focused on his escorting.
    Jayden Grey is looking cute but very skinny. Has he lost weight? I remember him a bit bigger than that.
    But overall? All those ugly tattoos on handsome men depress me.
    Oh and best part of the hookies noms: Diesel Washington on the best “Daddy” list. It is all kinds of weird which is oddly appropriate

    1. “All those ugly tattoos on handsome men depress me.”

      No shit! I’m sick of hot guys ruining their fine bodies with this tired crap. It is disgusting and so unoriginal.

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