jay landford fucks lorenzo flexx bareback raging stallion

Lorenzo Flexx Gets Laid Bare By Jay Landford

“Bounty Hunters” Lorenzo & Jay spend all day hunting dangerous fugitives. Tonight they have a different prize in mind: each other’s load.

Last week, we saw the opening scene in “Bounty Hunters”, the second bareback production from Raging Stallion Studios.

Then, it was criminals Jay Austin and Riley Mitchel occupying their time behind bars with prison flip fuck.

Today, it’s the good guys with Lorenzo Flexx and Raging Stallion Studios exclusive Jay Landford.

One of the most elusive qualities in any scene that takes it over the top is chemistry. Their connection between today is off the charts.

jay landford fucks lorenzo flexx bareback raging stallion“Chasing dangerous fugitives is tense, stressful work, and sometimes the only thing ‘Bounty Hunters’ can count on is their partners. Especially when you’re on the trail of a hardened drug runner. When Lorenzo Flexx & Jay Landford discover their plan to take down their mark leaves them with a few hours of alone time in a ratty motel room, barely repressed passions boil to the surface.”

jay landford fucks lorenzo flexx bareback raging stallionBoil to the surface they do. This first starts simmering with a love affair between Lorenzo’s throat and Jay’s beautiful dick.

jay landford fucks lorenzo flexx bareback raging stallionThings intensify as Jay takes ownership of his partner’s hole with deep, passionate kisses and simultaneous long, driving thrusts.

jay landford fucks lorenzo flexx bareback raging stallionJay flips Lorenzo onto his back where the eye contact further escaltes their frenzied sense of connection. Jay fucks Lorenzo’s nut right out of him then tops him off with his own load.

[Watch Lorenzo & Jay in “Bounty Hunters” scene two at Raging Stallion]

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